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Since 1987, our company has been a leader in the design and delivery of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) government and retail revenue management solutions. Our centralised revenue management solutions are helping our valuable clients to sustain their leadership position and to increase their market share.

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Infocorp provides end-to-end solutions to our customers, including the management of small, medium or large-scale inter-disciplinary projects from concept to rollout. Our combined expertise allows us to fully maximize our clients' goals with technology components, human resources and project methodologies, as well as leverage emerging technologies and practices to bring our customer’s vision to life.


We believe on transferring the complete operations knowledge of our solutions to our clients, it leads to a successful installation and smooth transformation of operations from legacy system to our solution.  The number of training courses conducted in the program, the curriculum and duration depend on the training strategies including type of training (train-the-trainer or train-the-user) and size of project.


Our product philosophy and release management standards include any enhancement made in this system must comply with the international Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers standards, especially in the areas of usability, maintainability, portability, reliability and quality assurance.


Infocorp is committed to providing quality functional training, on-going customer support and most importantly, technical assistance to partners and clients in the area of systems integration. The provision of these services and our commitment to work in unison with our clients, assists in breaking down the barriers commonly associated with the implementation of a new solution.


Our solutions are well matured and same releases are being used by numerous customers without any customization. However, our solutions also have parameter-driven functionality. This means that either ourselves or our clients can can personalise the functionality by simply configuring as per preferences, requirements and environment.


Our highly trained support team provides our clients and integrator partners with the highest quality online and offline support assistance. Standard technical support is easily accessible by phone, fax, or email and on-site support services can also be provided.

Today's retail landscape demands the fatest and most practical thinking when it comes to growth and efficiency. Today, more than ever, people need access to information.  Access2Retail™ is a complete Integrated Retail Management Solution which provides a feature-rich, scalable application with the latest state-of-the-art features and functionality

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A leading suite of scalable, modular and enterprise-wide revenue management solutions for both large and small government agencies. A robust and flexible system A2G provides governments with the most tailorable, integrateable, and functionally rich system available.

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